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Real Estate Attorneys

Real Estate AttorneysIn every real estate transaction, there’s a process that, on paper, couldn’t possibly look any more complicated. You have a timeline of events, actions, paperwork and deadlines that somehow is going to culminate with you closing on the transaction at a specific point in time. Let’s not forget about all the parties involved, from agents and attorneys on both sides of the table to a lender and title company.

We Help You Breathe Easier During A Complex Process:

In fact, it’s the only way to ensure that every party involved in a real estate transaction gets what they need, when they need it. At OH&F Law Firm, communication and follow up is our #1 priority. It’s an “above and beyond” level of extra effort that we’re continually praised on.

As your advocate, can we be forceful and strong? Absolutely. Ours is not the type of firm that sits back and hopes everything falls into place. You have too much financially and emotionally invested in a transaction like this to wonder where things stand.

Residential And Commercial Real Estate Closings · Landlord And Property Owner Representation 

Our real estate law attorneys know the market, financing options, processes and strategies that matter to our clients. Our proven capabilities cover a broad spectrum of residential real estate transactions and commercial concerns, including:

  • Counsel and representation for home buyers and sellers in Omaha, Nebraska and the surrounding communities.
  • Comprehensive guidance for those interested in executing a short sale — a clearly established strength and focus area at our firm
  • Commercial transactions, including commercial lease negotiations
  • Evictions and landlord representation in other matters of landlord-tenant law
  • Representation of property owners cited for building code violations

What are the Benefits of Working with a real Estate Attorney?

There are many benefits you will enjoy when you hire a real estate attorney. For example:

Professional Review of All of Your Real Estate Documents

Real estate transactions require a seemingly endless amount of paperwork. And many of these documents are written in complicated legal language. An experienced real estate attorney will help you understand these forms, ensure they offer the protection you need, and assist you with completing them.

Support for FSBO Transactions

Is your goal to sell your home without working with a real estate agent? Then a real estate attorney is imperative to your success.

Many homeowners want to go it alone when they sell their homes. Under the right circumstances, this can work and save you money, but it is not for everyone. If it is the right choice for you, a real estate attorney will be a vital resource for you. For some things, you are legally required to have an attorney. For example, an attorney will need to prepare a binding contract and provide ‘due diligence’ by examining the documents used in the transaction.

Examination and Prep of the Transfer Deed that Makes the Property Change to the New Owner

Real estate attorneys in Omaha are there to ensure a smooth transaction for both sellers and buyers. Unlike a real estate agent, they are not trying to get anyone the best deal on a property.

They are making sure the transaction and exchange of property are legally sound. A real estate attorney can examine the title deed before closing to ensure there are delays due to outstanding claims, liens, or mortgages.

Provide Guidance Regarding Title Insurance

Buyers and lenders both require title insurance. This type of insurance protects them from any future problems that can arise regarding the title deed. Having an Omaha attorney present at closing means someone will file all relevant documents and ensure that both parties are safe and insured.

Dealing with Preexisting Conditions

No home is perfect, so it is important to make sure you have the protection you need before buying. It is also important that home sellers not be put on the hook for issues that arise later on. In addition to issues with a home’s title, a real estate attorney can help buyers and sellers negotiate the terms for dealing with issues that are specific to certain properties.

Modifying a Loan

Real estate attorneys in Omaha, NE can assist sellers with loan modification and work directly with lenders to reduce outside help and give the seller a firm advantage.

Finding the Right Omaha Real Estate Attorney for You

Buying or selling a home in Omaha, NE can be a complicated matter. A well-written contract makes the terms of the transaction clear and reduces some of the complexities that can occur. Because the real estate contract is such an important part of any real estate transaction, you must work closely with an experienced attorney during the process of drafting and before signing the contract.

If you are involved in a real estate transaction in the Omaha area, OH&F Law Firm can help.

We have significant experience with foreclosure and short sales but are also able to help buyers and sellers with contract review and modification, multi-unit buildings, tax-exempt exchanges, condo conversions, and any other aspect of a residential real estate transaction. Contact us today for a Free Consultation.